Hidatsa Testing

Why Should You Hidatsa Testing Over Other Providers?

What Sets Hidatsa Testing Apart From The Rest?

Sure, we have over 30 years of experience keeping people like you safe, but it’s the kind of experience that sets apart.

Being certified by the California Department of Health (CDPH), the Indoor Air Quality Certification Program (IAQC), the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and as Certified Asbestos Consultants (CAC) means you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best.

But what does that all mean for you and the safety of those that you’re responsible to protect. This protection could be for your family, your employees or your tenants.

Hidatsa Testing is honored to be associated with The Indoor Air Quality Certification (IAQC) which is the world’s first comprehensive indoor air quality certification and preventative maintenance program. 
You can be confident that we can test for moisture, airborne volatile organic compounds, airborne particulate matter, integrated pest management and other aspects of indoor air quality.
Being certified with the California Department of Health (CDPH) means we are trusted to improve the health of families and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing disease, and removing environmental dangers. Our mission like theirs is to ensure individual and community safety.
Hidatsa Testing with The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) means we also live by their pledge to provide you with quality experiences and the tools and resources you need to protect worker health. If we do not meet your expectations, we want to know about it and make the situation right. Customer service is our number one goal and we won’t be happy until you are.