Putting Off Getting Your Property Inspected For Mold Is A Costly Decision That Can Lead To Financial Disaster Or Worse
Let's face it, you don't wake up in the morning and think, "I want to have my property inspected for mold". It's just not high on the
​"To Do" list. Maybe you suspect you could have a mold problem. If you do get your property inspected for mold, and they do find something, well, now you have to make a decision. 

If you choose to have your property inspected for mold and they don't find anything, GREAT! You're safe and you can sleep well at night. But, if you do have your property inspected for mold and they find something, you save lives, you save construction costs and you protect yourself against possible lawsuits.

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"Dangerous Home Owner Avoidance Tactics Sure To Support A Buyer's Lawyer Seeing A Big Payday"   

Smart Homeowners Method To 100%

Assure They Avoid A Future Lawsuit

First, you know that Lawyers are expensive. Yes?

They charge $400, $500 even $800 and more per hour.

And, you also know, they never just charge for one hour, right?

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Here are three conditions when selling your home
that leave you exposed:

  1. You had a mold problem and fix it. You swear you fixed it, and your contractor swears so too. 
  2. You didn’t have a mold problem, and when asked, you swear that you never had a mold problem.
  3. You swearing so doesn’t protect you, not at all. Not even when you have the contractors invoice for repairs. 

Truth is, you are still at as much risk as a pet goldfish is when it is exposed to the household cat. 

Yet, you can Stop that risk and fully protect yourself by doing this one fix. Then, once done, you can sit back and laugh, heck you can even brag that you made the sale of your home safer than a time-locked safe at your local big bank.

When you do this, your Lawyer fees are zero.

Simply invest in a professional mold inspection for up to $350.00, and 100% certify and guarantee your home is mold-free! Now, you are 100% protected, and have a bonus of not having to pay your lawyer. You will have money left over for a "peace of mind" rewarding lunch.

Or you could ignore this "protect yourself" advise and roll the dice. I can’t imagine why you’d see that exposure as good for you. But then it is your choice.

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