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Choosing A Certified Mold Inspection Service In Los Angeles Is Important

Mold is a fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. To determine if your family, tenants or employees are at risk, it’s important to call a certified mold inspection service.
Mold is natural to our environment; some level of Mold is present at all times.
Outdoor Mold can be found in shady, damp areas such as where leaves lay or where vegetation is decomposing.

Indoor Mold is found when moisture levels rise above 60; for example, Attics, Crawl Spaces, Basements and Showers (bathrooms).

I See Mold But I Don’t Smell A Musty Odor, Why? If I Don’t Smell Mold Is It Not Mold?

Mold can hide behind walls where moisture is present. 

Molds grow best in warm, damp (wet), and humid conditions. When Mold grows it can off-gas and produce the smell of musty odor that is so commonly associated with Mold.  

When conditions are right (humidity below 55 and temperature below 70 degrees), Molds will go dormant, like a lawn in winter.  

When temperatures rise and moisture levels increase Molds will grow again, which is when you are more likely to smell the musty odor

Mold isn’t always visually seen or easy to find. It has been our experience as a certified mold inspection service in Los Angeles that there are many common warning signs that could mean there is toxic mold growing inside your home and your family could be in danger.
Dormant allergies or allergic reactions
Aggravated asthma or other lung problems
Discolored walls
Black spots
An increase in negative health symptoms such as a fever or feeling itchy; usually these problems are associated with an increased consumption of medications including antihistamines.

Choosing A Certified Mold Inspection Service In Los Angeles Is Important

When you contact Hidatsa Testing mold testing in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that we use the latest technology to thoroughly inspect your property to keep you safe. The technology is good but it’s our extensive understanding of and experience with mold detection that sets us apart.

Maybe our most impressive mold inspection tool is an infrared camera that makes inspecting for mold faster, safer, cheaper and more accurate than most other methods.
We don’t need to crawl into every corner of your home, looking for black mold or leaky pipes leading to mold.
By implementing our infrared camera, we simply scan the area in where mold is possible and wait a few minutes for the camera to produce a thermogram.
The thermogram takes away any questions. It has a display of colors that represent the different heat signatures of all objects and surfaces in the camera’s view. Red means warmer temperatures, while blue means cooler temperatures.